Equivalent availability factor

AGL Energy’s Equivalent Availability Factor in FY21 was lower than in FY20 as a result of an extensive planned outage program, led by the largest maintenance outage works ever undertaken at the Bayswater Power Station. Accompanying this was good operational performance across other parts of AGL Energy's fleet. For example, Loy Yang A Power Station delivered its strongest availability result in the past five years. Bayswater Power Station had significantly lower boiler tube leak downtime as a result of the implementation of a boiler tube leak reduction program. Liddell Power Station’s overall output was lower compared to last year, primarily due to a generator transformer issue that caused an extended outage. We are continuing to focus on maintaining predictable performance at the Liddell Power Station in FY22 throughout transition to retirement.


  • Equivalent Availability Factor (EAF) measures the percentage of rated energy available when required.

  • Barker Inlet Power Station is included from FY21.

  • Kwinana Swift Power Station is not included.

  • Wind farms excludes the Silverton and Coopers Gap wind farms.

  • Overall EAF is weighted by megawatt (MW) capacity.

  • NR: Not reported

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