Employees by gender

Overall, gender representation remains relatively constant, however, while continuing improvement is evident in the Executive team, and parity has been achieved with senior leaders, there has been a reduction in female representation at the manager level.


  • Includes fixed term, permanent full-time, and permanent part-time employees on a headcount basis as at 30 June. Excludes casuals, labour hire and contract workers.

  • In recognition of our employee demographic including gender diverse people within the workforce, AGL Energy’s data systems allow employees to record their gender as male, female or another option. The above data does not include two employees who have indicated that they identify outside the gender binary to protect their privacy.

  • In November 2018, AGL Energy transitioned to the Workday Human Resources Information System which resulted in changed employee groupings. From FY19 onwards, groupings are based on AGL Energy's management structure, which no longer categorises Team Leaders separately.

  • NR: Not reported

  • Historical information is available in the download file.

  • Employees from Perth Energy and Southern Phone Company (both acquired during FY20) and Click Energy (acquired during FY21) are included from FY21.

  • Data does not include employees from Solgen (73) or Epho (28), as they were not fully integrated into AGL Energy's human resource systems as at 30 June 2020.

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