Digital adoption

AGL Energy has undertaken a number of initiatives to increase the percentage of Digital Active customers, including: optimising existing and new customer communications to have a digital focus; launching nbn and mobile functionality within the AGL app and MyAccount; integrating systems to allow the smooth flow of customer information between SAP and our digital service assets; creating new campaigns and enhancing existing campaigns to increase awareness of our online channels and their features; introducing new payment support features within MyAccount and the AGL app; and successfully onboarding Click Energy customers to AGL Energy's digital service assets.







Digital Active (%)







  • Number of active ebill users: the number of contracts assigned to ebill is calculated as the total number of customer services that receive an electronic bill, divided by the total number of customer services.

  • App and My Account Users: unique number of users across MyAccount and App (rolling 90 days).

  • Digital ID (%): Digital ID refers to a unique ID which separates each individual user (email). Digital ID % is calculated by total number of customers that have Digital IDs as a percentage of total number of customers marked as Residential and Consumer within SAP (excluding Staying Connected).

  • Digital Active (%): the percentage of contracts considered to be Digital Active as a proportion of total contracts (excluding Staying Connected customers). Digital Active customers are defined as customers that have accessed one of AGL’s digital channels (including MyAccount, App, Web etc.) at least once in the last 180 days. Historical data for Digital Active customers has been updated to reflect a change in the calculation methodology.

  • Data applies to energy customer services only and does not include Southern Phone customer services.

  • Click Energy customers are included in the FY21 data from April 2021.

  • FY21 data includes AGL Energy’s mobile and broadband customers where they have also signed up for energy services.

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